Monday, April 17, 2017

Mr. & Mrs. Perfect for Weddings

Hello, do you have a wedding or two coming up, after all it is almost wedding season. Well, My Treasured Kutz has you covered, just look at this stunning and elegant wedding card created by Terre Fry. Here's what you need to create your own wedding card:

Flowered Elegant Heart MTK-CK-5050
Mr. & Mrs. Wordage MTK-CK-5030



  1. We had an amazing event here this past weekend. We had a friend create some custom drink options that the bartenders served throughout the night and the designer easily collaborated with the wedding venues space to address her needs.

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  3. Wow! I didn't think it was real before I read it was a wedding card, I thought it was some kind of designed picture. It looks so sophisticated, I can't! When we thought about creation of our wedding cards, we decided to have hand made ones. It took us whole eternity to make them. In fact, we just took some sweet wedding quotes, put them on the top, wrote couple of words to each guest and it turned out to be just brilliant!